Diversity & equality

I believe we are all equal. Regardless our skin color, nationality, origin, faith, gender. And we should be equal before the law. Through the beauty and fashion I wanted to show beauty of diversity. We are all different and that’s beautiful. I believe in diversity and equality and these photos show how I see it. Every model was photographed in the same conception. Each model was different. But we managed to create great team, a little family, with amazing atmosphere on set. We wanted to emphasize diversity, that’s why outfits are totally different and there’s almost no common points between them. At the same time I wanted to focus on my heroines, so we used only the clothes that we already had. Most of them are property of stylist and come from second-hand. Little different parts made a piece of art that is this editorial.
This editorial was created as a part of licentiate degree from Photography at University of Warsaw (Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies). Theoretical part concerned a fashion editorial as a means of discussing socially important topics on the example of the issue of diversity and equality. Practical part of this work is a project of fashion editorial about diversity and equality, which I would like to share.

Photographer: Gabriela Garbaczewska @garbaczewskaphotography
Female Model/Makeup Artist: Emilia Gil @milkagil
Female Model/Makeup Artist: Oliwia Krawczyk @oliwvia
Female Model: Natalia PstrÄ…g @natkapst.portfolio
Female Model: Anusha Ajaykumar @anushaajay1996
Female Model: Zofia Krasowska @zoosik_
Wardrobe Stylist/Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Magdalena Michalak @mad.magdalena

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