Movement Memoir

Everything in the known universe, in our limited understanding, is in perpetual motion. From the planet we call home, to the atoms in our bodies, are all in constant flux and movement. The act of moving, as mundane as it may appear to some, is not only a necessity, but can harbour and help facilitate memories. Moreover, movement can evoke long buried thoughts and emotions dormant and docile, arouse them and bring these forgotten feelings to the forefront of our conscious minds. Something as simple as walking down the street can awaken long adrift remembrances of times past. The mere act of running your hands through your hair can conjure feelings of extreme nostalgia, bringing you back to your childhood. There are myriad examples of this and they are ubiquitous, but suffice to say that almost every nuance of motion can bring about heartfelt memories.

Movement is the state of being in which we strive to be and memories are our only true currency. Move with passion and with purpose!

Photographer: Tristan Alexander @shotbyxander_
Male Model/Actor: Peter Loung @The Characters Talent Agency @peterloung

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