Living Beauty

These days, when the world is overflowing with information and advertisements, it is very easy to lose yourself. The philosophy of slow life has become an island of salvation for people tired of the daily race. Even living in a big city, fortunately, now there is an opportunity to abandon superfluous things imposed by society, to listen to oneself and live in harmony with oneself. Slow beauty, slow food, slow travel – this is what really allows you to know the world.
In this shoot, we wanted to show how beautiful the girls are without excessive makeup, in comfortable clothes made from natural fabrics that allow the body to breathe. After all, naturalness is also part of the concept of slow life.

Photographer: Lyubov Belyavtseva @lyubovbelyavtseva
Model: Polina Tsibireva @polin.aalex
Model: Rachel Ndumbi @richigreen13
Model: Alina Artyukova @artialina
Fashion Designer: Chintamani Alchemistry @chintamanialchemistry
Retoucher: Indira Azizova @retouch_indi
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Ekaterina Troshina @taste.forlife

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