HYBRID: 2099

HYBRID: 2099 is a celebration of sexuality and its obsessions. It fuses different genres and styles together into the shape of an hybrid figure, it consacrates seductions that combine yesterday, today and tomorrow: sex and sadomasochism. A celebration of fetish with a visionary, robotic and anatomic taste tainted and corrupted by technology, genetic hybridizations, bondage and rituals.
2099 is a way for women to experiment and explore a new and unknown dimension concerning with the rediscovery of her sexuality, her body and her role in a sistem in which often is eclipsed by man.

Photographer: Mariangela Guglielmi @berryman
Fashion Designer: Domenico di Canosa @le_mysanthrope
Model: Daniela Marolla @xenjy_
Makeup Artist: Noel Tursi @its.fenty

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